I am a hypno-psychotherapist and mind coach based in Cork City, Ireland. I am also an accredited supervisor with experience in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, coaching, counselling, primary healthcare and personnel management.

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The most effective theraputic intervention to use varies according to the individual client and according to the presenting symptoms, so it impossible to give a precise guide as to how a case might be treated. Every therapist needs a comprehensive tool box to dip into and there are far too many tools than it is possible to list here, but they fall into three basic categories:

Suggestion Hypnotherapy

This is what most people associate with hypnotherapy. Every hypnotherapist employs suggestion. Positive suggestions are offered in a trance state which  encourage the subconscious mind to change a thought pattern or behaviour. This approach is often effective for habits such as nail-biting and is probably most commonly used  in smoking cessation therapy, when combined with NLP (see below).

More advanced suggestion techniques include the virtual gastric band approach for weight loss/management.

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Moving beyond simple habit removal, hypno-psychotherapy is the treatment of neuroses under hypnosis, typically involving regression work to find and remove the root cause of the client's problem (analytical hypnotherapy). It is indicated where a degree of anxiety is present but the cause of the anxiety is not evident. Examples of conditions would include depression, generalised anxiety disorder,  and many issues surrounding sex including erectile dysfunction and vaginismus. More detail is available on my main web site.

Other  approaches used include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is particularly useful in obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Not every hypnotherapist is qualified  as a psychotherapist, so be sure to check first that your choice of therapist is appropriately trained.

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Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

NLP is used  in everything I do. It is the  science of understanding how what we  think affects how we feel and how we act and respond to the world, and of accessing the subconscious mind in order to re-program and change those responses for the better. It is used extensively in the coaching role (see below).

In therapy, where the cause of anxiety is known and is in the present rather than hidden somewhere in the past, a simpler briefer approach using NLP is indicated. Examples would be work-related stress, public speaking anxiety and  simple phobias such as dogs, spiders, snakes and of flying. Very occasionally a phobia can require deeper analytical work, but this is uncommon.
If you want to know more about therapy, I would encourage you to explore my web site using the links on this page, and to contact me directly if you wish.

IAMC logoMind Coaching

Life coaching

Coaching can be of enormous  benefit in all aspects of life.  By using NLP, you can literally learn to program your mind into more resourceful states and free yourself from procrastination and self doubt. Discover what really makes you happy, and then go and get it!

Business Coaching

Business coaching  is of great benefit in improving confidence, communication skills, planning, time management and much more. Whatever your business, a good coach can help you get your priorities right and begin to achieve your goals with greater ease.  In this time of economic uncertainty, the best business investment is your own improved performance and mental health.

Sports Coaching

All great sportsmen and sportswomen know the importance of being in the right midset;, being "in the zone". NLP coaching is about exactly that. Learn to master your nerves and perform at your peak.

Find out more about NLP mind coaching by following this link.


Supervision is mandatory for  professionals in the fiields of psychotherapy and counselling and also for members of hypnotherapy and coaching professional bodies.  Supervision provides a safe medium for a therapist, coach, counsellor, or manager to reflect on their work in a non-judgemental manner for the well being of both the supervisee and his/her clients.

More information about supervision can be found here.